Apr 152019
 April 15, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, U.S., Youth & Schools

Clare Dignan reports:

The parent of an elementary school student is concerned students’ privacy is being violated by the school district after she found photos of students from across the district on her child’s school-provided iPad.

The district has since wiped the device, provided a new iPad to the student and initiated training for a staff member who had shared the photos across multiple devices.

The student was given the device as part of an educational placement and was set up with an administrator’s login, which is standard as the district works to provide students with their own devices, school officials said.

Yes, the child was given an admin’s login.  You read that correctly. Now read the rest of the report on The New Haven Register, but put any beverage down before you read their explanation of how FERPA wasn’t violated and how seriously they take student data privacy and security.

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