Sep 302009
 September 30, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Laws, U.S.

Governor M. Jodi Rell announced a new law [An Act Concerning Consumer Privacy and Identity Theft] which increases criminal penalties for identity theft and establishes a fund from forfeited assets to help individuals whose identity has been stolen will become effective on October 1st.


The legislation makes numerous changes in existing laws relating to identity theft, misuse of Social Security Numbers or other personal identifying information. The law also includes tougher penalties for those convicted of victimizing senior citizens. A suspect now faces first-degree identity theft charges – a class B felony – for victimizing anyone older than 60 and stealing assets and valuables over $5,000. The law lowers the theft threshold for a first-degree offense from $10,000.

The legislation broadens the definition of identity theft, increases penalties for criminal impersonation and creates the crime of unlawful possession of personal access devices, such as card readers or scanners, account numbers, personal identification numbers or PIN number and telecommunications service.

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