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 January 31, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Business

From the what-could-possibly-go-wrong dept.:

When you think of privacy and security in the Internet of Things, don’t forget the sex toys.

Thomas Fox-Brewster reports:

For whatever reason, someone thought it wise to manufacture sex toys that connect to the internet. To Ken Munro, who heads up security firm Pen Test Partners, this has provided an opportunity to flex his own penetration prowess. Of the digital, not the physical, kind.

He’s been looking at the Nora and Max toys from Lovense, designed for women and men respectively (different sexual preferences don’t seem to have factored in the company’s marketing strategy). They allow users to try out different functions via an app. But for extra fun they also allow another user to give commands to a partner’s toy from afar. Someone in rural Berkshire, for instance, could titillate a lover in Timbuktu just by tapping some buttons on their Apple or Android phone, or over their PC. It’s all done over something called “teledildonic software”.

Read more on Forbes.


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