Mar 282012
 March 28, 2012  Posted by  Laws

Associated Press reports:

An Oklahoma judge on Wednesday struck down a state law requiring women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound image placed in front of them and to listen to a detailed description of the fetus before the procedure.

District Judge Bryan Dixon ruled the statute passed by the Legislature in 2010 is an unconstitutional special law because it addresses only patients, physicians and sonographers dealing with abortions and does not address them concerning other medical care.

Read more on NPR.

On another good news note, The Spokesman-Review reports:

Idaho’s forced ultrasound bill was killed for good Tuesday, when a House committee chairman said he won’t allow a hearing on the bill and anti-abortion activists said they’re withdrawing it.

Note that “killed for good” just refers to this legislative session. I expect it will be reintroduced in the next session in some form.

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