Sep 172010
 September 17, 2010  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, Workplace

Joseph Celentino reports:

A lawsuit accusing a hospital worker of secretly recording a conversation in which her co-workers criticized hospital administration is headed to trial. The 7th Circuit said the claims “boil down to a swearing contest and should not have been resolved on summary judgment.”

The federal appeals panel in Chicago overturned a federal judge’s ruling for Iroquois Memorial Hospital, its board of trustees and CEO, and employee Susan Freed, who were accused of violating the Wiretap Act.

The lawsuit had been filed by hospital employees Valerie McCann and Dr. Leslie Lindberg, who claimed their conversation expressing dissatisfaction with hospital CEO Stephen Leurck and the reorganization of the radiology department was recorded by a dictation machine in Lindberg’s office without their knowledge or permission.

Read more on Courthouse News, where you can also find the Seventh Circuit’s opinion.

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