Dec 052017
 December 5, 2017  Posted by  Court, Featured News

An issue near and dear to my heart. Joe Cadillic sends this item along from Aaron Mackey:

Anonymous online speakers may be able to keep their identities secret even after they lose lawsuits brought against them, a federal appellate court ruled last week. The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Signature Management Team, LLC v. John Doe is a victory for online speakers because it recognized that the First Amendment’s protections for anonymous speech do not end once a party suing the anonymous speaker prevails. The ruling, however, is not all good news for anonymous speech. The test announced by the court sets unmasking as the default rule post-judgment, placing the burden on the anonymous party to argue against unmasking.

Read more about the case and ruling on Homeland Security News Wire.

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