Aug 132014
 August 13, 2014  Posted by  Business, Court, Online, U.S.

Bloomberg reports:

Yahoo! Inc was yesterday ordered by a federal judge to face a lawsuit alleging its scanning of email to target advertising violates users’ privacy rights.

In a mixed ruling, US District Judge Lucy H. Koh in San Jose, California, granted Yahoo’s request to throw out federal wiretap claims that its terms of service do not notify users their emails with non-Yahoo Mail users will be intercepted, scanned and analysed to create user profiles and for advertising purposes. Koh also dismissed claims that Yahoo failed to properly disclose it would collect and store the content of users’ emails for future use.

Koh said in yesterday’s ruling she will permit the users to go forward with an allegation brought under a different wiretap claim that Yahoo might have illegally disclosed to third parties the content of emails between Yahoo Mail users and people with non-Yahoo addresses

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