Jan 072022
 January 7, 2022  Posted by  Court, Online, U.S.

Mike Masnick writes:

Back in November we wrote about a very bizarre attempt to abuse copyright law to uncover who was behind a Twitter account, @CallMeMoneyBags. That account tweeted out various things mocking and shaming various extremely wealthy people, including billionaire Brian Sheth, a private equity bro. Some of the tweets in the fall of 2020 lightly mocked Sheth, including suggesting potential infidelity. The images themselves appeared to be social media-type photos of young women (or possibly just one young woman).

Sometime later, an organization called “Bayside Advisory LLC” showed up, claiming to hold the copyright on those images, and demanding Twitter take down the images — which the company did. However, Bayside also tried to use the more controversial DMCA 512(h) subpoena process to try to uncover who was behind the MoneyBags account.

Read more about the case at TechDirt.

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