May 172011
 May 17, 2011  Posted by  Breaches, Court

An Internet user has no expectation of privacy with respect to identifying information he gives to the Internet Service Provider and lacks standing to challenge the provider’s compliance with a search warrant seeking the information, the Court of Appeal for this district ruled yesterday.

Div. Six affirmed Vincent Stipo’s convictions for wiretapping and unlawfully accessing computer information. Stipo pled no contest, reserving the right to appeal based on the denial of his motion to suppress, after prosecutors accused him of hacking into the Hacienda La Puente High School District’s computer network and obtaining confidential data.

Police obtained a search warrant in January 2008 after the district’s computer expert determined the hacker’s Internet Protocol address and told them it was within the Time Warner Roadrunner network. In May of that year, Time Warner provided Stipo’s name and address in response to the warrant and confirmed that the account was active.

Read more on Metropolitan News-Enterprise.  The case is People v. Stipo, 11 S.O.S. 2549.

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