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 December 11, 2011  Posted by  Court, Online

More on a previously mentioned lawsuit in Michigan seeking to unmask an anonymous critic: it seems that this is the first time Michigan has had a case like this.  Matthew Miller reports:

…  Attorneys for the blogger, known in court documents as John Doe 1 and on his blog as Rockstar05, had tried to quash a subpoena Cooley filed for his identifying information. Early in the process, the company that hosts his blog inadvertently gave that information to Cooley, but his lawyers wanted to put the cat back into the bag.

Canady ruled against him but also left a wide avenue for an appeal, barring the Lansing law school from filing an amended complaint that included Rockstar05’s real name for 21 days or until the state Court of Appeals had ruled on the issue.

“The law in Michigan isn’t set yet,” he said. “So maybe this case will set it.”


h/t, @MarshallYoum

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