Feb 172014
 February 17, 2014  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Oregon State Senator Larry George writes:

Despite the shock of recent civil rights violations that have been exposed nationwide, the Senate General Government Committee refused to take action on a simple bill that would have protected the privacy of Oregonians.

Senate Bill 1522 would have limited the amount of time a law enforcement agency could keep data collected from automatic license plate surveillance technology. The committee’s inaction allows government agencies to hold data on innocent citizens for an indefinite period of time. “I’m confident this bill would pass in a bi -partisan way if allowed to the Senate floor,” said Senator Larry George (R -Sherwood). “I’m shocked that Democrats on this committee and in leadership are so eager to protect NSA -style data hording, violating the privacy of millions of innocent citizens. The Democrats say they care about privacy but time and time again refuse to take a vote that protects privacy. It is outrageous!”

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