May 182010
 May 18, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

Daniel Binns reports:

A probe has been launched after confidential documents about a harassment investigation were apparently found on the pavement outside Loughton Police Station and then posted by a resident to all the people involved.

The nine pages, which contain information about a case in which a man allegedly pestered his ex-partner with repeated phone calls and punched her front door, along with the woman’s full details, were said to have been found close to the entrance of the building on Friday morning (May 14).

The Guardian has been sent copies of the documents by an anonymous “concerned passer-by” – but he also sent them to the woman and her alleged harasser.

Police have said do not know how the papers, some of which are marked “confidential” under the Data Protection Act, got into the public domain.

Read more in This is London.

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