Feb 102015
 February 10, 2015  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Biometrics in Schools writes:

Fingerprinting children in school, especially primary school children, is a contentious issue – with parents and children having the right in the UK not to participate.  Schools must seek written consent to take and process a child’s biometric data.

Not so in Australia it seems.

In this article it reported that East Para Primary School has told parents they have “no choice” in the matter for a school registration system that will eventually be introduced for parents too if they want to enter the school.  The school’s current newsletter states the same blerb parents have had here in the UK reassuring that no image of the fingerprint will be stored, it cannot be reconstructed and the biometric data will not be given to government or agencies… but put plainly it is a biometric mark/measure of your child’s body, in this case a fingerprint, that has to stay secure, safe and never be compromised.

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