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 March 3, 2011  Posted by  Court

Lyle Denniston writes:

In back-to-back decisions, the Supreme Court has now told the nation that some claims to privacy — to avoid hurt or embarrassment — would not be allowed.  Perhaps few will weep over that loss on Tuesday for a giant corporation — AT&T Inc.  But, for what is sure to be a long time, many will weep, and perhaps express even stronger sentiments, about the Justices’ turning aside on Wednesday the claim of Albert Snyder that the Constitution should have assured him an hour of peaceful privacy to bury his Marine son, killed in Iraq.  The Court’s decision in Snyder v. Phelps (09-751) is exactly the kind of ruling that makes perhaps many people wonder if the Court knows what life is like for real people.  Indeed, one Justice expressed something of that same sentiment in anguished tones in dissent.

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