Jul 082013
 July 8, 2013  Posted by  Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

John Backus, managing partner at New Atlantic Ventures (a venture capital firm) writes:

As the White House mulls it over, quietly winding its way through the interagency review process in Washington is a nondescript proposal known as CALEA II. This dangerous proposed set of new rules, designed by the FBI, will thwart technology innovation and compromise our national security at a time when cyber risks are reaching an all-time high.

[…] the FBI proposes that some or all mobile and desktop application developers make their applications wiretap ready, or “CALEA compliant.” In other words, the FBI wants broader authority to be able to “wiretap” any application on the wired or wireless Internet, and it wants the companies to build in the wiretap interface to make it easy for the FBI to use. This would include phone calls (Skype), e-mail (Gmail), social media (Facebook), photo sharing (Instagram), transient communications (SnapChat), peer-to-peer secure communications (Silent Circle). The list goes on.

Read more on Washington Post.

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