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 May 22, 2019  Posted by  Business, Healthcare

Christina Farr reports on what’s in the works at Comcast:

The device will monitor people’s basic health metrics using ambient sensors, with a focus on whether someone is making frequent trips to the bathroom or spending more time than usual in bed. Comcast is also building tools for detecting falls, which are common and potentially fatal for seniors, the people said.


Unlike most home speakers, the device won’t be positioned as a communications or assistant tool, and won’t be able to do things like search the web or turn lights on and off. But it will have a personality like Alexa and it will be able to make emergency phone calls in the case of a health event, the people said.

And will it monitor everyone in the home — even those just visiting who may not want to be monitored?

Read more on CNBC.

  One Response to “Comcast is working on an in-home device to track people’s health”

  1. Well, let’s see. I have a primary care physician, a skin doctor, a kidney doctor, a spine doctor, a dentist, an eye surgeon, a brain doctor, a lung doctor and heart doctor and etc. I’m monitored by all of them and I have maybe six blood tests each yeah. I trust the doctors and work well with them. I also have a very nice home BP cuff; I’m not diabetic. And now Comcast wants to diagnose me with some lame app? Given the horrid service we get from Comcast and the lack of quality of their staff and techs, I’d just as soon consult a witch doctor. No thanks Comcast, I have better sense than to put any aspect of my healthcare in your hands.

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