Dec 032020
 December 3, 2020  Posted by  Business, Healthcare, U.S.

David Lazarus writes:

For months, Amazon has been signaling that it planned to open an Amazon-branded online pharmacy to compete with the likes of CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. This week, it did.

For many consumers, this represents greater convenience and the possibility of paying less for prescription drugs.

It also means what little privacy you have left is rapidly disintegrating.

Read more of David’s thoughts on Los Angeles Times.  I will respond to one thing he wrote here:

I choose not to live in fear. My initial take is that Amazon has earned my trust, so it’s not unthinkable I’ll now share my medical information with the company.

But if you’re wrong, David, there will be no unringing that bell…… how might sensitive medical and pharmacy information wind up in the wild  being misused and there’s no way to claw it back?  It’s a chance you may be willing to take. It’s not one I would be willing to take.

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