Aug 212012
 August 21, 2012  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Lisa Black reports:

At college registration this summer, the room went silent when a dad asked the department dean a question that lurked in the back of all our minds:

What if our kid doesn’t adjust well? How will we know, short of acting like the dreaded hovering helicopter parent, if our teen is struggling with serious anxiety or depression and won’t admit it?

I found the dean’s answer that day to be candid, chilling and — as I realized later — ill-informed.

Read more on Chicago Tribune.

While Ms. Black’s reporting focuses on permissible disclosures, it would be nice to see more reporting on how schools fail to keep information protected and sell or share information that students and/or their parents would not want shared – including directory information. That day, when parents were asking questions, did anyone ask how to prevent the school from sharing information? And if not, did the school voluntarily raise the issue of opting out?

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