Jan 172011
 January 17, 2011  Posted by  Breaches

Lori Obert and Anastasiya Bolton report:

It is an odd and unsettling story. Somebody, somewhere, is sending out documents with peoples’ social security numbers on them.

Robin Scully’s husband received a yellow packet at the beginning of January.

“Oh, strange stuff,” Scully said. “Pictures, people we don’t have any idea who they are.”
The packet also contained someone’s divorce decree, a Colorado Department of Revenue tax audit, payment vouchers, and life insurance documents.

Robin Scully told 9NEWS neither her nor her husband recognized any of the names on the eleven pages they received.

“It’s like a packet of weird personal documents, I mean just unrelated, very strange,” Scully said. “I don’t know. I found it very creepy. I talked to some girlfriends, they said, ‘Oh, that just gave me goose bumps.’ It’s just too weird. (I) decided that I would call somebody who might investigate it for me.”

Read more on 9News.

Well, this is a bit odd, yes. Who is sending out personal info to others, how did they obtain the information, what is their intention, and how many people might be receiving similar packets that contain your information – and how might they be using it?

Oh, right… paper records don’t count as much.

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