Mar 182012
 March 18, 2012  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Non-U.S.

We may have a new “largest breach ever” if a report out of Shanghai is confirmed. Xu Chi reports:

Shanghai police are investigating a local company that reportedly illegally collected private information of more than 150 million residents that they sell to clients for cold calling and other product promotions.

Shanghai-based Roadway D&B Co caught police and public attention after a video clip filmed by undercover reporters was broadcast nationwide in a news program on Thursday, China’s Consumer Rights Day.

Shanghai police said yesterday that they raided the company’s headquarters on Beijing Road E. after watching the broadcast.

Three senior executives with the company are now under police control.

Officers also confiscated four of the company’s servers for evidence.

The company, which has eight branch offices across the country, was found by undercover reporters to be holding the private information of more than 150 million residents in China, according to the program broadcast by China Central Television.

The information includes name, gender, age, address, phone number, job, monthly income and even the kind of car the person owns.


Now why do I think we’d find the same thing in the U.S.?

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