Jun 092010
 June 9, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S.

Would we ever see people here suspended for a situation like Jane Chen reports:

Two college officials in central China’s Hubei Province have been suspended from their jobs during a probe into an identification theft from a female student.

The investigation was launched after Lin Lin, a student from Hainan Province, claimed an unknown girl had stolen her ID to study at a Hubei college, Xinhua news agency reported.

Hubei education officials yesterday said the investigation discovered that a girl also surnamed Lin from north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region stole Lin Lin’s identity in 2006 and went to Hubei University after failing to pass the entrance exam.

Lin then transferred to another school in 2007 and graduated two years later.

Both Hubei University’s teaching director and Wuhan Polytechnic University’s job guidance director failed to double check Lin’s true identity while agreeing to the transfer. They are now suspended, the report said.

Read more in the Shanghai Daily.

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