Feb 032010
 February 3, 2010  Posted by  Business

Tempis fugit. Joce Sterman reports on ABC that people who signed up with the CLEAR registered traveler program still have not received any refunds nor do they have the benefits of having registered for a program that was advertised to help them sail through airport security. After seven months, all subscribers seem to have is the concern of having a lot of personal information in a database that they paid for but confers no benefits.

Back in June 2009, CLEAR closed its operations. Although the company seemed to be vowing to erase all personal data, but then there was talk of them selling the database, talk that a federal judge in New York put a halt to. In October, however, there was talk that other companies might be interested in purchasing the database and re-establishing the service, but so far, we’ve heard nothing more.

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