Dec 102010
 December 10, 2010  Posted by  Court, Online, Surveillance

Bridget Freeland of Courthouse News reports on the lawsuit against Interclick mentioned on this blog yesterday:

Interclick, a “web ad-serving company,” invades privacy and steals people’s personal information with online ads that contain “hidden code to ‘sniff’ plaintiff’s browser history and to deposit Adobe Flash local shared objects on her computer to monitor her online activities on an ongoing basis,” a woman claims in a federal class action.

Named plaintiff Sonal Bose says Interclick does all this knowingly and purposefully, “to circumvent measures plaintiff took to prevent just such monitoring.” Bose says the Park Avenue-based defendant uses “flash cookies” and hidden codes that “monitored her browsing in ways she would not expect or detect,” and that “invaded her privacy, misappropriated her personal information, and interfered with the operability of her computer – conduct and consequences for which she now seeks relief.”

Read more on Courthouse News.

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