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 May 3, 2015  Posted by  Breaches, Misc

British journalist Catherine Bennett takes Julian Assange out to the woodshed over disclosure of personal information a commentary that begins:

The collaboration has been a long time in coming, but so close is the current working relationship between WikiLeaks and the Daily Mail that it is becoming difficult to believe that the two organisations were ever at odds.

Hardly any time has passed since the paper was happy to style Assange a “traitor”, aka “the slimy WikiLeaks founder”; his most notable achievement, in that newspaper’s estimation, to have cost Britain around £9m – to date – for policing the Ecuadorian embassy. All the WikiLeaks editor in chief appeared to have in common with the DailyMail editor Paul Dacre, was a mutual abomination of the Guardian.

And yet, as Mr Dacre would no doubt be gracious enough to acknowledge, his paper has lately become so indebted to Mr Assange for prime Hollywood gossip that, if he has not done so already, it would be only fair to reward the traitor with a handsome staff contract or even a showbiz column of his own.

Read her commentary on The Guardian.

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