Apr 282017
 April 28, 2017  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

What most readers don’t know is that every day, Joe Cadillic torments me by sending me tons of emails with links to news stories, videos, etc. Many are related to surveillance, and some concern other civil liberties or politics. It’s a never-ending stream of reports that make me just want to go pull a blanket up over my head while I mutter, “WTF, America? WTF??”

Today, Joe sent along this one. I want to believe it was a joke, but it appears it’s not- or at least The Sun is treating it as serious based on reporting in The Atlantic – which couldn’t confirm the story. It’s not on Snopes for fact-checking.

Neal Baker reports:

CIA spooks tried to spy on Soviet Russia using CATS implanted with microphones under their skin.

Declassified docs show how spy chiefs praised “pioneering” scientists for slitting open moggies and stitching in electronic hardware to uncover their enemies’ secrets.

Dubbed “Project Acoustic Kitty”, the grim £10 million programme was developed over five years in the 1960s as a novel but gruesome new eavesdropping method.

Read more on The Sun.

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