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 August 19, 2016  Posted by  Court, Youth & Schools

Peter Maxwell reports:

Everett Piper has a much bigger agenda than simply stopping the federal government from telling his evangelical university how it must investigate rape allegations.

The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University says he is defending the most basic rights of women against “misogynists” in Washington who deny their fundamental identities.

In a phone interview with The College Fix, Piper framed OKWU’s decision to join a lawsuit against the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) – the first college to take that step – as a matter of religious freedom and individual liberty.


Contrary to assertions that female students would rather report rape allegations to campus authorities than law enforcement, Piper said the federally mandated “kangaroo court” is actually worse for women “because it takes her privacy away.”

The OCR mandate will “have a chilling effect” on a student’s willingness to report being violated “because she knows that now the DOE and the OCR require this kangaroo court to be convened on all campuses that’s comprised of peers, faculty, and staff who do not have any legal training.”

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He may have a point. What do you think?

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