Jun 242009
 June 24, 2009  Posted by  Business, Surveillance, U.S.

RFID stories seem to come in threes. This one, from Threat Level, is about how mobile phones will be chipped — for better or worse:

An Ericsson executive says all new mobile phones sold in 2010 will include an RFID chip that will allow owners to open their car or house door with their phone. A handy feature, no doubt, for some people. But the executive says the chip might also be used by credit card companies to track the location of cardholders to cut down on fraud.

Håkan Djuphammar, vice president of systems architecture for Ericsson, speaking at a conference in Stockholm this week, said credit card companies could make use of mobile user location data and IP mapping to determine if the owner of a card is in the same location where a card transaction is taking place.

Read more on Threat Level.

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