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This may be a bit challenging to wade through, but Yusuf TUNA reports:

A proposal by Robin Li (李彦宏) –founder of Baidu (百度) and an influential figure amongst China’s policymakers– yet again attracted the attention to the Medical Cloud. He thinks that Medical Cloud contains rich clinical data which catalyzes the research and application of electronic medical records, improving the medical system, so as to alleviate the problem of insufficient medical resources and uneven distribution between urban and rural parts of China. Indeed, launched by the Government in 2016; rights and responsibility of data collection, sharing and utilization and cloud management have been regulated, stimulated and outsourced by giving them to the third party companies and SOEs.

“9) We will implement the Healthy China Cloud Service Plan, build an integrated platform for healthcare services, provide remote consultation, remote imaging, remote pathology and remote ECG diagnosis services; and improve the mutual recognition and sharing the mechanism of inspection results. We will promote data resource sharing and collaboration between large hospitals and medical institutions, general practitioners and specialists …”

A literal translation of Article 9 says that the government will collect all the medical data coming from the smallest clinic in Guizhou to the biggest hospital in Shanghai; process it and make it useful within the cloud; and give access for this data to whoever and whenever necessary; to provide a smarter healthcare services ecosystem to the public.

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