Dec 112010
 December 11, 2010  Posted by  Breaches

I really don’t know what to quite make of this.  If, as it seems, someone forgot to remove metadata from a .pdf file they created, then, this is a self-injurious privacy breach with potentially huge consequences:

A press release from “Anonymous”  (AnonOps) about the WikiLeaks-supportive DDoS activities reveals the author of the document as Alex Tapanaris.   A Google search reveals that he has a phone number in Greece, and a blog post by Prefect suggests that there is some additional data in the pdf file that would be consistent with the file having been created in Greece.

But could the inclusion of the name be intentional and not an oversight or digital Freudian slip?  Sure.

In any event, I suspect  Mr. Tapanaris is about to be the target of a huge media hunt, as well as a possible extradition request, but only time will tell.

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