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 October 3, 2012  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

Cathy Hayes reports:

Irish genealogists have voiced concern that plans to resurrect 2006 Privacy Bill could restrict access to genealogical or biographical research materials.


The Privacy Bill 2006 would make it illegal to violate any person’s privacy. The Irish Times report points out that privacy in this case is not defined in the bill. However, it does state that an individual is entitled to “that which is reasonable in all the circumstances having regard to the rights of others and to the requirements of public order, morality and the common good.”

Surveillance, the use of a person’s likeness for financial gain without consent but more worryingly the disclosure of letters, medical records, or other personal documents could, under this law, be seen as violations of the law.

This means that even if personal documents such as letters were registered for public access, the organization that publishes it could be sued.

Read more on Irish Central.

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