May 262010
 May 26, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance

Libertarian and former Congressman Bob Barr writes:

… What many Americans don’t realize, is that census workers — from the head of the Bureau and the Secretary of Commerce (its parent agency) down to the lowliest and newest Census employee — are empowered under federal law to actually demand access to any apartment or any other type of home or room that is rented out, in order to count persons in the abode and for “the collection of statistics.” If the landlord of such apartment or other leased premises refuses to grant the government worker access to your living quarters, whether you are present or not, the landlord can be fined $500.00.

Read more on The Barr Code.

  One Response to “Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence”

  1. I had no idea this was the case. Now I’m even more intent on not being counted. Sheesh.


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