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 May 5, 2016  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

This is so frustrating for UK media outlets – they can’t name someone caught up in a scandal while US media outlets are naming him. So basically, anyone in the UK can just find out the name on Twitter or read U.S. tabloids online, but UK media must still remain silent?

Some have suggested that the U.S. is making a mockery out of these UK injunctions. Well, yes, I think there’s a certain amount of truth to that. Why should only those who are wealthy enough to get top lawyers to secure an injunction by a UK court have more privacy than anyone else?

Heather Saul reports:

A US publication has named an actor who took out an injunction to prevent a British tabloid from identifying him in a story about his alleged sexual activity with a sex worker.

The actor, who is married, allegedly paid £195 to have sex with Helen Wood, a former escort, in 2010.

The man secured the injunction in 2011 after High Court judges agreed it violated his right to privacy. A decision was made at a later date to allow the media to identify Ms Wood.

Read more on The Independent.

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