Jan 162014
 January 16, 2014  Posted by  Court, Non-U.S.

A European court ruling handed down Thursday against a celebrity couple in Norway may boost press freedom around the continent and in Scandinavia. Popular Norwegian musician Lars Lillo-Stenberg and his actress wife Andrine Sæther suffered a bitter loss at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which refused to agree that it was wrong for a Norwegian magazine to publish photos of their wedding in 2005 without their consent.

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Related: ECHR ruling. Note that the wedding ceremony was in a public place (a beach), and the photos were taken by telephoto lens. None of the published images were of the wedding ceremony itself, which, I gather from reading the ruling, might have made a difference.

It’s nice to see a court not claim people have no expectation of privacy in public spaces. In this case, the issue was that it was a matter of public interest and the press has a right to report and the public has a right to be informed.

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