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The host of CBC’s radio show, Q, has been fired by the CBC after media reports suggesting he has been accused by three women of non-consensual sexual acts.

On his Facebook page,  Jian Ghomeshi, does not deny what might strike some as offensive sexual practices, but insists that it was always consensual.  Somewhat naively, he writes, in part:

I have been open with the CBC about this since these categorically untrue allegations ramped up. I have never believed it was anyone’s business what I do in my private affairs but I wanted my bosses to be aware that this attempt to smear me was out there. CBC has been part of the team of friends and lawyers assembled to deal with this for months. On Thursday I voluntarily showed evidence that everything I have done has been consensual. I did this in good faith and because I know, as I have always known, that I have nothing to hide. This when the CBC decided to fire me.

Nothing to hide? Good grief, everyone has something to hide. And even though Prime Minister Trudeau had famously said, “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation,” and even though CBC is state-sponsored media, is anyone really surprised that CBC would not want its name associated with a host who has been accused of assaulting women or with what many consider sexual perversions? But since none of the women went to the police and there are no criminal charges pending, should CBC have stood by its employee?

As Ghomeshi himself notes:

 CBC execs confirmed that the information provided showed that there was consent. In fact, they later said to me and my team that there is no question in their minds that there has always been consent. They said they’re not concerned about the legal side. But then they said that this type of sexual behavior was unbecoming of a prominent host on the CBC. They said that I was being dismissed for “the risk of the perception that may come from a story that could come out.” To recap, I am being fired in my prime from the show I love and built and threw myself into for years because of what I do in my private life.

Ghomeshi is reportedly filing a lawsuit against CBC over his termination.

Thanks to the Canadian reader who brought this case to PogoWasRight.org’s attention.



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