Aug 232016

Rob Spahr reports: The Lacey Township Board of Education approved a new policy Monday night that will create a voluntary random drug-testing program for middle school students. […] Seventh and eight grade students who participate in the school district’s interscholastic athletic programs or extracurricular programs will be given the option [Read More…]

Aug 212016

Keep the secret or save a life? The choice should be clear: prioritize student mental health, but we need mechanisms that permit that. Michael Pridemore and Kim Pridemore, the parents of a college student who committed suicide in 2014, wrote an opinion piece in The News-Gazette. Their piece addresses the [Read More…]

Aug 192016
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Peter Maxwell reports: Everett Piper has a much bigger agenda than simply stopping the federal government from telling his evangelical university how it must investigate rape allegations. The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University says he is defending the most basic rights of women against “misogynists” in Washington who deny their [Read More…]

Aug 162016

Joe Cadillic writes: The National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), is planning on assessing students social and emotional “mindsets” like “grit,” “desire for learning,” and “school climate.”  According to the NAGB, school kids from 4th-12th., grades will be given ‘mindset assessments.’ Unfortunately, student assessments have been going on since 1990, students across the [Read More…]