May 132022
 May 13, 2022  Posted by  Court, Laws, U.S., Workplace, Youth & Schools

Eugene Volokh writes: In Judge Holly Teeter (D. Kan.) in Ricard v. USD 475 Geary County, KS School Bd., decided Monday, plaintiff challenged the “Communications with Parents Policy,” which “prohibits employees from revealing to parents that a student has requested use of a preferred name or different set of pronouns at [Read More…]

Apr 302022
 April 30, 2022  Posted by  Healthcare, U.S., Workplace

Aparna Komarla of the Covid-in-Custody Project reports that a sheriff’s office claims it is complying with state law on ascertaining its employees’ vaccination status, but is not releasing information in response to freedom of information requests because it would violate employees’ medical privacy. Our most recent public records request for [Read More…]

Apr 252022
 April 25, 2022  Posted by  Business, Court, U.S., Workplace

Daniel Fisher reports: A UPS sales manager who told coworkers he saw scorpions and repeatedly asked the same question can’t claim protection under an Arizona law that prohibits companies from firing employees if they test positive for marijuana, an appeals court ruled. The package-delivery service supplied enough additional evidence, including [Read More…]

Mar 102022
 March 10, 2022  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court, U.S., Workplace

Samantha Hawkins reports: State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company may have to defend a Chicago grocery store chain in a state biometric privacy case over its requirement that employees use fingerprints to clock-in, an Illinois federal judge ruled. The court denied the insurer’s motion for summary judgment on the defense duty [Read More…]