Sep 152017
 September 15, 2017  Court, Workplace Comments Off on Federal Judge Sues Judicial Conference Over Forced Mental Health Evaluation

Cogan Schneier reports: A federal judge sued the federal judiciary’s policymaking body Thursday, alleging its panel on disabilities violated his Fifth Amendment rights by ordering him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. U.S District Judge John Adams filed the lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C., against the Judicial Conference of [Read More…]

Sep 052017
 September 5, 2017  Court, Non-U.S., Surveillance, Workplace Comments Off on European court rules companies must tell employees of email checks

Reuters reports: Companies must tell employees in advance if their work email accounts are being monitored and such checks must not unduly infringe workers’ privacy, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday. In a judgment in the case of a man fired 10 years ago for using a [Read More…]

Jul 242017
 July 24, 2017  Featured News, U.S., Workplace Comments Off on Wisconsin company to install rice-sized microchips in employees

Mary Bowerman reports: Welcome to the future? A Wisconsin technology company is offering its employees microchip implants that can be used to scan into the building and purchase food at work. Whether or not to get a chip is up to the employee to decide. Three Square Market, a company that [Read More…]

Jun 232017
 June 23, 2017  Surveillance, U.S., Workplace Comments Off on Grand jury subpoenas Pleasant Valley School District employees

Howard Frank reports: The Pleasant Valley School District hired a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to represent district employees in testimony each are being required to provide to a Monroe County grand jury. The Monroe County District Attorney’s office has not disclosed the subject of the grand jury investigation to the [Read More…]