Nov 232021
 November 23, 2021  Posted by  Laws, U.S.

Andrew Wyrich reports: Several lawmakers are calling for Congress to pass federal data privacy legislation in the wake of Amazon reportedly killing or undermining bills in 25 states over the past several years. Last week, Reuters reported that confidential documents showed that the retail giant pushed to kill privacy bills in several states by increasing [Read More…]

Nov 202021
 November 20, 2021  Posted by  Laws, U.S.

Robinson + Cole LLP write: With the passage of the Colorado Privacy Act, Colorado joins Virginia and California as early adopters of state-level privacy legislation. These laws impose higher restrictions on companies processing specific sensitive categories of data that reveal information such as sexual orientation and ethnic origin. However, the [Read More…]

Nov 202021
 November 20, 2021  Posted by  Business, Laws, U.S.

Jeffrey Dastin, Chris Kirkham, and Aditya Kalra of Reuters report: In recent years, Amazon has killed or undermined privacy protections in more than three dozen bills across 25 states, as the e-commerce giant amassed a lucrative trove of personal data on millions of American consumers. Amazon executives and staffers detail these lobbying victories [Read More…]

Nov 202021
 November 20, 2021  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Sarah Cassi reports: A Moravian College student convicted of an armed robbery on campus did not have his constitutional rights violated when police collected his on-campus WiFi connection records without a warrant, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday. In a 5-2 decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court panel said Alkiohn [Read More…]