Mar 052021
 March 5, 2021  Posted by  Business, Healthcare, Laws, U.S.

Libbie Canter, Anna D. Kraus, and Shane Rogers of Covington and Burling write: Two recent actions by lawmakers are intended to address certain uses of technology in health. First, two Senators have introduced a bipartisan bill related to the collection and use of identifiable health data from wearable health trackers.  [Read More…]

Mar 042021
 March 4, 2021  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools summarizes a court opinion that will be of interest to many parents: Assuming random Covid testing of NYC school children is a Fourth Amendment search, the court applies Vernonia School District 47J and special needs and finds it reasonable. Aviles v. De Blasio, 2021 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 38930 (S.D. [Read More…]