Jun 212018
 June 21, 2018  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Austin Berg writes: Paul Boron is 13 years old. And he’s facing a felony eavesdropping charge that could change the course of the rest of his life. His story stands as another chapter of controversy surrounding an eavesdropping law some experts have criticized as ripe for abuse and misapplication. On [Read More…]

Jun 212018
 June 21, 2018  Posted by  Court, Surveillance, U.S.

Tim Cushing reports: It’s assumed (wrongly) that minors have few, if any, Constitutional rights. […] Minors do have rights. They’re subject to more limitations but they’re far from nonexistent. But that doesn’t stop prosecutors, cops, and school officials from pretending “limited” equals “zero.” A case highlighted by FourthAmendment.com shows a [Read More…]

Jun 202018
 June 20, 2018  Posted by  Breaches, Govt, Surveillance

New Data Shows Law Enforcement Abused Network 143 Times in 2017 San Francisco – Responding to years of investigations and pressure from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the California Attorney General’s Office has overhauled and improved its oversight of law enforcement access to a computer network containing the sensitive personal [Read More…]

Jun 182018
 June 18, 2018  Posted by  Business, Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

Sidney Fussell reports: On Friday, 20 groups of Amazon shareholders sent CEO Jeff Bezos a letter pressuring him to stop selling the company’s face recognition software to law enforcement, CNN reports. Called Rekognition, the software came under greater scrutiny last month when the ACLU published revealing internal documents related to its [Read More…]