Apr 272019
 April 27, 2019  Posted by  Featured News, Healthcare, Misc

Jennifer Couzin-Frankel write: As DNA testing gallops ahead, doctors face wrenching questions about legal risks, protecting patients’ privacy, and the quality of the genetic information they’re providing—and they need help. That was one message from a symposium yesterday at the University of Minnesota (UMN) in Minneapolis. Leaders of a $2 [Read More…]

Apr 242019
 April 24, 2019  Posted by  Misc

Adam Kujawa writes that despite the fact that the public has repeatedly been made aware of the misuse of communications data by governments and businesses, we have not changed our ways. Since then, the abuse and misuse of communications data are believed to have been instrumental in affecting the outcome [Read More…]

Apr 132019
 April 13, 2019  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Misc

Catherine Muyl and Marion Cavalier of Foley Hoag write: It has been rough weather for Google in France. Three weeks after the French ‎Data Protection Authority imposed a record fine against Google for non-compliance with the GDPR, the Paris District Court (“Tribunal de Grande Instance”) invalidated 38 clauses of Google’s [Read More…]

Apr 112019
 April 11, 2019  Posted by  Misc

UPDATE:  before you jump to NYT’s site, I just read how they are using a lot of trackers on that site: The New York Times fancy new ‘Privacy Project’ homepage is stuffed to the gills with third-party tracking scripts. https://t.co/vSGOsukFHG pic.twitter.com/iT8UyGPzBx — Pinboard (@Pinboard) April 11, 2019 The New York [Read More…]