May 082018
 May 8, 2018  Posted by  Featured News, Misc
Is Privacy Dead?

Jennifer Rothman writes: After hours of testimony before Congress by Mark Zuckerberg about how our personal information was harvested from Facebook, it’s hard not to wonder if privacy can survive the digital age. Lost in the dominant discussion of the technology both by the technocrats and the Luddites, is the [Read More…]

May 072018
 May 7, 2018  Posted by  Misc, U.S.

Joshua Brustein reports: The primary purpose of Californians for Consumer Privacy, an advocacy group formed by San Francisco real estate developer Alastair Mactaggart, is to push for a ballot initiative adding restrictions on companies that profit from the collection of personal data. Last week, it gave state officials a petition with [Read More…]

May 012018
 May 1, 2018  Posted by  Misc, Online

So pretty much all of my regular readers know I detest Facebook and have never had a Facebook account. Recently though, my husband decided to get on Facebook to participate in a closed group affiliated with the dog shelter where he volunteers as a dog-walker. It will come as no [Read More…]