Aug 262016
 August 26, 2016  Misc Comments Off on Bitcoin Privacy Tool ‘CoinShuffle’ Sees First Transaction

Alyssa Herm tig A type of anonymous bitcoin transaction that privacy enthusiasts have been awaiting for years has finally been tested successfully. Sent on the bitcoin test network earlier this month, the transaction is possibly the first real-world implementation of CoinShuffle, a proposal that first generated excitement in April 2014 for building on [Read More…]

Aug 222016
 August 22, 2016  Business, Misc Comments Off on WiFi Signals Can ID Individuals by Body Shape

Daniel Oberhaus reports: With the Internet of Things slated to have tens of billions of connected devices by 2020, one of the most crucial design considerations for internet-connected products is figuring out how to seamlessly integrate these devices into everyday life. In this respect, teaching machines how to identify the individuals [Read More…]