Jul 072020
 July 7, 2020  Posted by  Misc

Some items that Joe Cadillic has compiled over the past week: EFF to Court: Social Media Users Have Privacy and Free Speech Interests in Their Public Information https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/06/eff-court-social-media-users-have-privacy-and-free-speech-interests-their-public https://www.eff.org/document/eff-amicus-brief-doc-society-v-pompeo-ddc The European Commission’s Vice-President for Digital policy, warns against predictive policing in Artificial Intelligence: https://www.euractiv.com/section/digital/news/vestager-warns-against-predictive-policing-in-artificial-intelligence/ The European Commission is worried that [Read More…]

Jun 232020
 June 23, 2020  Posted by  Misc

Recent privacy news flagged for us by Joe Cadillic: UK – Unlocking The Power Of Location: The Government’s Geospatial Strategy “Today, location data is the coal and iron fueling a new revolution. This government has empowered the Geospatial Commission to unlock the power of location data – equipping our economy [Read More…]

Jun 202020
 June 20, 2020  Posted by  Misc

Frank Ready reports: On Thursday, data protection provider WireWheel continued its two-day  privacy technology virtual conference—Spokes 2020—with a series of webinars examining how compliance professionals are adapting to some of the significant cultural shifts taking place across the nation. Topics ranged from the impact of COVID-19 on privacy programs to the [Read More…]