Jan 192021
 January 19, 2021  Posted by  Misc

To say some of us have been distracted since January 6 would be an understatement.  Thanks to Joe Cadillic,  maybe we can get caught up a bit.  Here are some news items of note recently: How Law Enforcement Gets Around Your Smartphone’s Encryption https://www.wired.com/story/smartphone-encryption-law-enforcement-tools/ The European Data Protection Supervisor Website [Read More…]

Jan 132021
 January 13, 2021  Posted by  Misc, Non-U.S.

Lisa Peets, Marty Hansen, Sam Jungyun Choi, and Marianna Drake of Covington and Burling write: On 17 December 2020, the Council of Europe’s* Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) published a Feasibility Study (the “Study”) on Artificial Intelligence (AI) legal standards. The Study examines the feasibility and potential elements of a [Read More…]

Jan 082021
 January 8, 2021  Posted by  Misc

Peter Hess writes: A technique for masking portions of a person’s raw genomic data increases shareability without sacrificing privacy, a new study shows. To conduct functional genomics research, scientists must share genetic data about large numbers of participants, which can inadvertently expose a person’s stigmatizing or otherwise private details to unscrupulous [Read More…]