Dec 272016
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Jenna Wortham writes: Last month, a Berlin nonprofit group called the Tactical Technology Collective took over a gallery in Lower Manhattan. They installed wall-size screens and display cases and arranged glossy tablets on large tables. The walls were white, and the décor was minimalist. If you squinted, you could mistake [Read More…]

Dec 132016
 December 13, 2016  Misc Comments Off on Darknet Cryptocurrency Showdown – An Unbiased Comparison of Zcash vs Monero

Avi Mizrahi reports: Zcash is a new privacy-focused cryptocurrency that is getting a lot of positive feedback and coverage recently despite just being launched. Monero is believed to be one of the most in-demand untraceable CryptoNote cryptocurrencies. Providing anonymity and unlinkable encrypted transactions, Monero became one of the kind in Darknet, and [Read More…]