Mar 122017
 March 12, 2017  Featured News, Misc, Youth & Schools Comments Off on The world we are leaving our children

Ben Harris-Roxas has the privacy tweet of the day: This was a bit sad and upsetting. My kid has started making surveillance cameras for Lego scenes — Ben Harris-Roxas 🌊 (@ben_hr) March 12, 2017 “This was a bit sad and upsetting. My kid has started making surveillance cameras for Lego [Read More…]

Mar 062017
 March 6, 2017  Misc Comments Off on Announcing A New Open-Source Privacy Standard For The Internet Of Things

Seen on Consumerist: Consumerist is part of Consumer Reports, the 80-year-old nonprofit consumer organization, and today we are launching the first phase of a collaborative, open-source effort to create a new digital consumer-protection standard that safeguards consumers’ security and privacy. At its core, the standard is a series of criteria [Read More…]

Mar 032017
 March 3, 2017  Misc, Non-U.S. Comments Off on The Walled Off Hotel: Banksy opens dystopian tourist attraction in Bethlehem

Raf Sanchez reports: The Presidential Suite boasts “the worst view of any hotel in the world”. The piano lounge is decorated with mounted CCTV cameras. And the doorman in the top hat at the front stands just feet from one of the Middle East’s most-reviled structures. But it wouldn’t be [Read More…]

Mar 032017
 March 3, 2017  Business, Featured News, Misc, Online Comments Off on Smart Condom Tracks Performance, Warns Against STIs: Another Privacy Threat On Hand?

Everything’s connected these days, it seems. Joe Cadillic pointed to me to this article that Oscar nominees got vaginal kegel-exercise fitness trackers. But that’s even less shocking/concerning than a connected device James Brown reports on: The smart revolution truly is here, and the bedroom isn’t behind. UK retailer British Condoms [Read More…]