Jan 102017
 January 10, 2017  Misc, Non-U.S. Comments Off on James Hird’s suspected drug overdose: invasive reporting breaches a right to privacy

Bill Birnbauer writes: Pleas by James Hird’s family to respect its privacy present challenges to media covering the latest chapter of a life that has become a very public Greek tragedy. It might seem right that the media back off – ask no questions, take no photos – and await news from [Read More…]

Dec 302016
 December 30, 2016  Breaches, Misc, U.S. Comments Off on Op-ed: Five unexpected lessons from the Ashley Madison breach

Woodrow Hartzog and Danielle Citron write about what we can learn from the recent settlement with Ashley Madison by the FTC and state attorneys general. They discuss: Privacy is for everyone Harm from a data breach is about much more than identity theft Privacy law and policy must confront the [Read More…]

Dec 272016
 December 27, 2016  Misc Comments Off on Finding Inspiration for Art in the Betrayal of Privacy

Jenna Wortham writes: Last month, a Berlin nonprofit group called the Tactical Technology Collective took over a gallery in Lower Manhattan. They installed wall-size screens and display cases and arranged glossy tablets on large tables. The walls were white, and the décor was minimalist. If you squinted, you could mistake [Read More…]

Dec 132016
 December 13, 2016  Misc Comments Off on Darknet Cryptocurrency Showdown – An Unbiased Comparison of Zcash vs Monero

Avi Mizrahi reports: Zcash is a new privacy-focused cryptocurrency that is getting a lot of positive feedback and coverage recently despite just being launched. Monero is believed to be one of the most in-demand untraceable CryptoNote cryptocurrencies. Providing anonymity and unlinkable encrypted transactions, Monero became one of the kind in Darknet, and [Read More…]