Mar 202020
 March 20, 2020  Posted by  Breaches, Healthcare, Non-U.S., Online

Another concerning report: A 45-year-old businessman who manufactures technical textiles for footwear became the subject of hate messages and unsolicited advice after he tested positive for the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19), on March 1, reported News 18. Personal information such as his phone number was also leaked online. Read more on [Read More…]

Mar 172020
 March 17, 2020  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Online

Dan Goodin reports: Microsoft Edge received the lowest privacy rating in a recently published study that compared the user information collected by major browsers. Yandex, the less-popular browser developed by the Russian Web search provider Yandex, shared that dubious distinction. Brave, the upstart browser that makes privacy a priority, ranked [Read More…]

Mar 122020
 March 12, 2020  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Online, Youth & Schools

Nick Statt reports: Whisper, an anonymous secret-sharing mobile app that rose to prominence more than half a decade ago, has been inadvertently exposing sensitive information about its users for years through a public online database, according to a new report from The Washington Post. The app, while far from as popular as [Read More…]