Sep 202023
 September 20, 2023  Posted by  Business, Online
New Privacy Badger Prevents Google From Mangling More of Your Links and Invading Your Privacy

Alexei Miagkov and Daly Barnett write: We released a new version of Privacy Badger that updates how we fight “link tracking” across a number of Google products. With this update Privacy Badger removes tracking from links in Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Images results. Privacy Badger now also removes tracking from [Read More…]

Sep 182023
 September 18, 2023  Posted by  Healthcare, Laws, Online, U.S.

Jacqueline Seitz writes: The era of rampant, unconsented, and unregulated online data collection may finally be winding down for consumer health data. But the advances in consumer privacy have not yet fully reached the millions of people with health information related to their drug use, substance use disorder treatment, or [Read More…]

Sep 152023
 September 15, 2023  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Featured News, Non-U.S., Online, Youth & Schools

15th September 2023 The Data Protection Commission (DPC) adopted its final decision regarding its inquiry into TikTok Technology Limited (TTL) on 1 September 2023. This own-volition inquiry sought to examine the extent to which, during the period between 31 July 2020 and 31 December 2020 (the Relevant Period), TTL complied with [Read More…]