Mar 162023
 March 16, 2023  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online, U.S.
EU's RTBF Continues to Produce Undesirable Results

Eric Goldman writes: This is not the first time my blog has been subject to right-to-be-forgotten (RTBF) takedowns. See, e.g., this post (scroll down for the updates). But every time the RTBF is applied to my blog, it’s probably a wrongful application of a misguided policy and worth relaying here. Here is [Read More…]

Mar 112023
 March 11, 2023  Posted by  Laws, Online, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Jason Kelley and Adam Schwartz write: Age verification systems are surveillance systems. Mandatory age verification, and with it, mandatory identity verification, is the wrong approach to protecting young people online. It would force websites to require visitors to prove their age by submitting information such as government-issued identification. This scheme [Read More…]