Dec 012016
 December 1, 2016  Non-U.S., Surveillance No Responses »

Nathan Munn reports: Police across Canada are using civil forfeiture laws to seize everything from houses and cars to small amounts of cash from people who sometimes haven’t been convicted of a crime. Some of this money is paying for cutting-edge surveillance equipment, a practice that critics say keeps the public in the dark [Read More…]

Nov 302016
 November 30, 2016  Business, Non-U.S., Online No Responses »

Raissa Campagnaro reports: In October, 2016, Brazil’s Federal Prosecutor filed a public civil suit against Google, claiming that the search engine had failed to comply with the country’s internet law, the Internet Bill of Rights. The suit argues that during a previous prosecution investigation, through a civil inquiry, Google had made it public that it [Read More…]

Nov 302016
 November 30, 2016  Non-U.S., Workplace No Responses »

K.C. Vijayan reports:  Jump Rope (Singapore), the non-profit group that promotes rope skipping in schools here, was issued a warning by the Personal Data Protection Commission for disclosing the identity of a blacklisted former employee to some 30 Singapore government schools. The Commission found the e-mail notice of naming and [Read More…]