Sep 292017
 September 29, 2017  Laws, Surveillance, U.S. Comments Off on No Religious Registry in California

Adam Schwartz writes: EFF sent California Gov. Jerry Brown a letter urging him to sign S.B. 31. This bill, authored by Sen. Ricardo Lara, would prevent state and local government in California from assisting the federal government in creating a registry based on religious belief, national origin, or ethnicity. All [Read More…]

Sep 222017
 September 22, 2017  Business, Laws, Surveillance, U.S. Comments Off on Rauner vetoes geolocation privacy bill aimed at protecting smartphone users

Robert Channick reports: Groundbreaking Illinois legislation meant to protect mobile phone users from having their location information trafficked by companies without their permission is going nowhere, at least for now. Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed the proposed Geolocation Privacy Protection Act on Friday, leaving it to the legislature to consider a [Read More…]

Sep 152017
 September 15, 2017  Laws Comments Off on That Awkward Moment When Your Twin Brother Is A U.S. Citizen At Birth, But You’re Not

Ellen Trachman has a story on Above the Law that is one of those cases that  should become material for a law course. As I read it, I found myself very uncomfortable at the invasion of what should be the couple’s privacy and how we define “family.” Of course, President [Read More…]

Sep 142017
 September 14, 2017  Court, Govt, Laws, Surveillance, U.S. Comments Off on We Asked 6 Privacy and Legal Experts About Apple’s New Face ID

Louise Matsakis reports: Apple executives stood on stage Tuesday and revealed the way we’ll unlock the brand new iPhone X: with our faces, using a new feature called Face ID. It utilizes the selfie camera’s “TrueDepth” camera system—a set of sensors and a dot projector—to create a super detailed 3D [Read More…]