Jun 262022
 June 26, 2022  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Govt, Healthcare, U.S.
Unsurprisingly, hacktivists protest the overturn of a woman's right to her own body

The announcement appeared on the Telegram channel of a group calling themself “SiegedSec:” TIME FOR SOME 1337 H4CKTIVISM!!! (4 the record, we will still do blackhat stuff 😉 Like many, we are also pro-choice, one shouldn’t be denied access to abortion. As added pressure to the U.S government, we have [Read More…]

Jun 222022
 June 22, 2022  Posted by  Business, Healthcare, Laws

Justin Sherman reports: The leak of the draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade has prompted numerous stories about the privacy of health data. For instance, Vice reported that data broker SafeGraph was collecting and selling the GPS locations of people who visited abortion clinics—in many cases, likely without their knowledge. There have also been numerous concerns raised [Read More…]