Jan 212022
 January 21, 2022  Posted by  Business, Healthcare, Online

Dr. David Lenihan has an OpEd on CPO that has me shaking my head “no.” He writes, in part: While one might think that U.S. doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, insurers, medical service providers, and healthcare/wellness facilities are the primary entities that could potentially leak, share, or exploit private patient data, the [Read More…]

Jan 152022
 January 15, 2022  Posted by  Healthcare

GRC World Forum reports: Leading public, private, educational and research organisations across the US healthcare and life sciences industries have announced the formation of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Coalition (AI3C). The coalition brings together the Brookings Institution, Cleveland Clinic, Duke Health, Intermountain Healthcare, Microsoft, Novant Health, Plug and Play, [Read More…]

Jan 142022
 January 14, 2022  Posted by  Featured News, Healthcare, U.S.

Jonathan Edwards reports: Simon Bramhall finished transplanting the liver inside his patient in 2013 before going back for a final flourish. Bramhall, now 57, used an electric beam to burn the letters “S” and “B” into the organ he’d just put into the patient. The doctor had branded the unsuspecting [Read More…]