Nov 132019
 November 13, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Govt, Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Alice Speri reports: For years, the New York Police Department illegally maintained a database containing the fingerprints of thousands of children charged as juvenile delinquents — in direct violation of state law mandating that police destroy these records after turning them over to the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services. When [Read More…]

Nov 062019
 November 6, 2019  Posted by  Breaches, Featured News, Govt, Laws, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

WPTV reports: Two special agents with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) visited an elementary school in Palm Beach County this summer and attempted to obtain information on a student without a subpoena. The School District of Palm Beach County says it did not provide the agents with the information. Read more on [Read More…]

Nov 062019
 November 6, 2019  Posted by  Govt, Laws, Non-U.S.

Kristof Van Quathem and Anna Oberschelp de Meneses of Covington & Burling write: On November 4, 2019, the Spanish Supervisory Authority (“AEPD”), in collaboration with the European Data Protection Supervisor, published guidance on the use of hashing techniques for pseudonymization and anonymization purposes. In particular, the guidance analyses what factors increase the [Read More…]

Nov 062019
 November 6, 2019  Posted by  Govt, Laws, U.S.

From the good folks at Representatives Eshoo and Lofgren have introduced the Online Privacy Act, a comprehensive framework for data protection in the United States. The bill would establish a data protection agency, create meaningful privacy safeguards for consumers, and hold companies accountable for the collection and use of personal data. [Read More…]