May 212022
 May 21, 2022  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Govt, Misc, Youth & Schools

The Federal Trade Commission announced today that it will crack down on education technology companies if they illegally surveil children when they go online to learn. In a new policy statement adopted today, the Commission made it clear that it is against the law for companies to force parents and schools [Read More…]

May 182022
 May 18, 2022  Posted by  Govt, Laws, Non-U.S.

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Daniel Therrien has sent the following letter to the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics to provide information requested during his appearance before the Committee on May 2, 2022. […] Recommended legal framework for police use of facial recognition technology During the appearance, I [Read More…]

May 152022
 May 15, 2022  Posted by  Business, Govt, Laws, Online, Surveillance, U.S.

By Matthew Guariglia: Geofence and reverse keyword warrants are some of the most dangerous, civil-liberties-infringing and reviled tools in law enforcement agencies’ digital toolbox. It turns out that these warrants are so invasive of user privacy that big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are willing to support banning them. The three tech giants [Read More…]

May 132022
 May 13, 2022  Posted by  Featured News, Govt, Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Ed Pilkington reports: The US justice department secretly issued a subpoena to gain access to details of the phone account of a Guardian reporter as part of an aggressive leak investigation into media stories about an official inquiry into the Trump administration’s child separation policy at the southern border. Leak [Read More…]