Oct 152021
 October 15, 2021  Posted by  Featured News

Kellen Browning reports: More than a dozen prominent cybersecurity experts on Thursday criticized plans by Apple and the European Union to monitor people’s phones for illicit material, calling the efforts ineffective and dangerous strategies that would embolden government surveillance. In a 46-page study, the researchers wrote that the proposal by [Read More…]

Oct 142021
 October 14, 2021  Posted by  Featured News, Non-U.S., Surveillance

This could be precedent-setting. Alanis Hayal reports: Dr Mary Fairhurst claimed her neighbour’s cameras left her feeling as though she was under “continuous visual surveillance” as a judge ruled that the footage captured breached Data Protection laws. A doctor is set to receive £100,000 in compensation after a judge ruled [Read More…]