Aug 192019
 August 19, 2019  Posted by  Business, Court, Featured News, Non-U.S., Surveillance, Workplace

Al Restar reports: The Australian court ruled that employees are allowed to refuse to provide biometric data to their employees. The ruling follows the lawsuit filed by Jeremy Lee getting fired from his previous job due to his refusal of providing his fingerprint samples for the company’s newly installed fingerprint [Read More…]

Aug 182019
 August 18, 2019  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance, U.S.

Mike Wereschagin reports: The district attorney for Pennsylvania’s second-most-populous county has assembled a network of advanced surveillance cameras in and around Pittsburgh and has enlisted colleagues in four surrounding counties to extend its reach into their jurisdictions. This is somewhat terrifying that a county district attorney could put the entire [Read More…]

Aug 182019
 August 18, 2019  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Jamie Williams shared the great news on August 15: The California Supreme Court just rejected the government’s attempt to require a youth probationer, as a condition of release, to submit to random searches of his electronic devices and social media accounts. The trial court had imposed the condition because the [Read More…]